My Ethical Values

People before profits.  I refuse to treat people like cogs in a machine to make a profit, because devaluing those people leads to abuse.  Times come (like the COVID pandemic) when companies need to make a decision to keep people employed, insured, and secure regardless of the effect on profit.  As a leader in an organization, this will be difficult when shareholders, the board of directors, and even my own compensation plan’s structure may be based purely around market performance, but I intend to stay firm to this value.

Demonstrate extreme ownership.  This simply means to take responsibility.  When there is a failure in my team, it is my responsibility.  I can’t blame someone else.  It is my responsibility for a failure on my team because I did not train properly, tune processes, test properly, etc.  I may explore what team members experienced a failure and I may do a root cause analysis, but I am not blaming.  When someone in the company is looking for “whose fault it is” when something goes wrong on my team, it is my fault.  I own the team and I am responsible for anything that happens with that team.

Reliability is a key part of work ethic.  I consider my work ethic to be very high.  I work hard and put a lot of commitment and energy into what I do.  None of that hard work means anything without being reliable.  If I don’t show up when I say I will, then all my hard work is a waste.  If I don ‘t meet deadlines or carry my share of the load, my hard work is tainted.  I value being reliable, in quality, in effort, and in punctuality.  People can depend on me.

My life revolves around dedication and commitment.  I am my promises.  I have a high amount of dedication and commitment, and I almost always follow through.  I believe in keeping my promises.  I believe in dedication to my team, my company, my clients, and my projects.  That dedication is what keeps me engaged and keeps me going above and beyond.

Continual improvement keeps me valuable.  Just like a business needs to constantly evolve and improve, I believe that I need to as well.  I am always learning new things, taking classes, and growing.  Stagnation is death.

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