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Quality as an Ethical Obligation

                Companies have a substantially higher obligation to act ethically to its customers, employees, suppliers, communities, and environments than they currently act.                 Milton Friedman, famous economist in the 1970s, said that the sole purpose of a business is to make profit for its shareholders and that corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics were notContinue reading “Quality as an Ethical Obligation”

Implementing Organizational Learning

                Any organization can benefit from organizational learning because it increases systems thinking skills, innovation, and adaptation of a company.  Traditionally, people go to grade school, high school, and college or trade school.  When they enter the workforce, there is a learning curve, in which they have to be trained in the processes, policies, software,Continue reading “Implementing Organizational Learning”

Organizational Learning

                Some people say that organizational learning is a threat to the free will of individuals.  I believe that there are ways to apply rigorous organizational learning processes, individual continuing education requirements, and evolve as a company with systems thinking while still allowing people to be creative and have free will.  Organizational learning has toContinue reading “Organizational Learning”

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