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FTC Safeguards and Auto Dealers

FTC Safeguards and the compliance process has become my focus lately. There are a list of controls that are needed (encryption, disaster recovery plan, incident response plan, change management plan, information security program, data lifecycle/retention policy, semi-annual vulnerability scans, continuous monitoring and logging, etc. One of the challenges for dealerships without an IT presence isContinue reading “FTC Safeguards and Auto Dealers”

Come Join ISACA

Those of you who are interested in cybersecurity, I recommend ISACA as a path to get certified, as well as a professional organization. When it asks you who referred you, tell them Art Ocain, #1297166. https://www.isaca.org/membership/join-now

Interviewed by eWeek

I was interviewed by eWeek and discussed cybersecurity and the future (especially for car dealerships) regarding FTC Safeguards compliance, going into effect on Dec 9, 2022.

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