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Web Analytics and Reliance on Data

            Web analytics is gathering web and app data and performing analysis and reporting on it to make design, marketing, optimization, or other business decisions.  From web data, companies can determine customer behavior in their apps and websites, purchasing behavior, social network behavior, and identify what content or products are getting attention from which demographics. Continue reading “Web Analytics and Reliance on Data”

Service Delivery Via E-Commerce

            There are several things that an e-commerce business can do to sell services using web technology and smart marketing acumen.  Special care should be made to make services feel like products to the customer, to make the service seem tangible.  They can do this through humanizing the service, bundling services, and giving the clientContinue reading “Service Delivery Via E-Commerce”

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

            E-commerce strategists consider what format and features to give their business site designs the volume of visitors that they want.  Certain features are known to be attractors of visitors.  There are several types of business website attractors in use, including the entertainment park, the archive, exclusive sponsorship, the town hall, the club, the giftContinue reading “E-Commerce Marketing Strategies”

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