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Fitbit’s Approach to Agile

Introduction             Fitbit, a popular wearable fitness tracker brand, has embraced agile throughout its lifespan in order to bring fitness technology to consumers in order to improve their health with innovative and competitively-products (McNew, 2018).  At the top of its market, Fitbit creates purpose-built hardware and advanced software to deliver technologies like GPS, heart rateContinue reading Fitbit’s Approach to Agile

Danone’s Disruptive Technology

Introduction to Danone as a Disruptive Company             Danone is a food and water company with sustainability, regenerative agriculture, and human health as core values.  They are a B Corp (Danone North America – Certified B Corporation – B Lab Global, n.d.), and they are dedicated to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.  Danonewas ableContinue reading “Danone’s Disruptive Technology”

IoT and Big Data in Cybersecurity

IoT in Cybersecurity             In cybersecurity, operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices create a risky threat surface to manage.  Companies often have thousands of IoT devices, from thermostats and HVAC units to lighting controls.  Each of these devices is accessible via the network.  They are often unpatched or unpatchable and may containContinue reading “IoT and Big Data in Cybersecurity”