FTC Safeguards and Auto Dealers

FTC Safeguards and the compliance process has become my focus lately. There are a list of controls that are needed (encryption, disaster recovery plan, incident response plan, change management plan, information security program, data lifecycle/retention policy, semi-annual vulnerability scans, continuous monitoring and logging, etc. One of the challenges for dealerships without an IT presence isContinue reading “FTC Safeguards and Auto Dealers”

10 Keys to Reducing Ransomware Attacks

Here’s an article highlighting 10 factors or controls that reduce ransomware risk. https://www.insurancethoughtleadership.com/cyber/10-keys-reducing-ransomware-attacks The key controls are: multifactor authentication (MFA), endpoint detection and response (EDR), immutable backups, managed detection and response (MDR), patch management, employee awareness and training, privileged access management (PAM), data encryption, email filtering, and attack surface monitoring.

Patching as Resilience

This seems to be a revolutionary idea, as it seems that I am always having to argue this: Patching is an absolute MUST! When I manage IT operations and vulnerability management, I patch continuously. What does that mean? Patch Tuesday comes along? I patch immediately. There’s a new patch for Pulse Secure VPN appliances? IContinue reading “Patching as Resilience”

Managerial Accounting and MSPs

                Management accounting refers to accounting that helps business managers make decisions through measurement and analysis (What is Managerial Accounting?, n.d.).   In the managed IT services company where I work, management accounting helps establish a strategy, budget, goals/targets, and key performance indicators (KPIs).  These tools help tie individual and team performance to the business performance.Continue reading “Managerial Accounting and MSPs”

Premium Pricing and Luxury Products

                Two examples of brands that where manufacturing costs are well below selling price are Hermès (luxury fashion) and Beats (high-end consumer electronics).  Beats headphones are often over $200 in stores but cost $20 in materials and manufacturing costs (Schiesser, 2015).  Likewise, a Hermès handbag that costs $4800 in stores only costs $180 to manufactureContinue reading “Premium Pricing and Luxury Products”

Demographics as a Personal Factor for Consumer Behavior

                Demographics are key personal factors that drive a customer’s purchasing decision.  Age, sex, marital status, income, family background, and education are some of the common demographic factors (Pratap, 2021).  People from different demographic groups behave differently.  For instance, men shop differently than women.  Men see something, decide they want it, and buy it, whereContinue reading “Demographics as a Personal Factor for Consumer Behavior”