Premium Pricing and Luxury Products

                Two examples of brands that where manufacturing costs are well below selling price are Hermès (luxury fashion) and Beats (high-end consumer electronics).  Beats headphones are often over $200 in stores but cost $20 in materials and manufacturing costs (Schiesser, 2015).  Likewise, a Hermès handbag that costs $4800 in stores only costs $180 to manufactureContinue reading “Premium Pricing and Luxury Products”

Demographics as a Personal Factor for Consumer Behavior

                Demographics are key personal factors that drive a customer’s purchasing decision.  Age, sex, marital status, income, family background, and education are some of the common demographic factors (Pratap, 2021).  People from different demographic groups behave differently.  For instance, men shop differently than women.  Men see something, decide they want it, and buy it, whereContinue reading “Demographics as a Personal Factor for Consumer Behavior”

Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal and Recovery Strategy

            Volkswagen, driven by their Strategy 2018, lied to the world with their claims of having ecologically friendly low-emissions diesel vehicles.  When it was discovered that Volkswagen had tricked emissions testing with vehicles that were as much as forty times the permissible pollution limits, a scandal referred to as diesel-gate unfolded (Magadia. 2019, p.5-6).  VolkswagenContinue reading “Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal and Recovery Strategy”

Marketing Channels and Direct Marketing

            Customers often do not like getting email marketing messages, text messages (SMS) from companies about offers, and telemarketing calls because they feel like they are encroaching on their private lives and space.  These marketing methods are some direct marketing methods that are commonly employed to sell products and services.  In addition to direct marketing,Continue reading “Marketing Channels and Direct Marketing”

Chris Voss MasterClass: YouTube Ad Strategy

            Chris Voss, a distinguished hostage negotiator for the FBI, taught a class on the online learning platform called MasterClass.  His class provided training in negotiation tactics for people in all walks of life (Lauren, 2021).  MasterClass published an advertisement on YouTube called Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation, in which he discusses hisContinue reading “Chris Voss MasterClass: YouTube Ad Strategy”

Factors in a Marketing Communication Budget Plan

                A marketing communication budget plans for and measures the impact of marketing communication spend.  It is a part of marketing planning and sets targets for not only spending but return on investment (Linton, 2017).  A marketing communication budget covers the messaging that communicated out to consumers in the form of public relations, online marketing,Continue reading “Factors in a Marketing Communication Budget Plan”

Fitbit Charge 4: Mature in its product lifecycle

                Fitbit released a fitness tracker called the Charge 4 in April of 2020, which replaced the Charge 3.  When it was released, it was sold at $149.95, and was marketed as a slim, lightweight, but impressive exercise tracker that included sleep tracking and all-day heart rate monitoring (Ellis, 2021b).  The $149.95 price is aContinue reading “Fitbit Charge 4: Mature in its product lifecycle”

Product Lifecycle: Google Pixel 6 vs. Google Nest Home Mini

            Google, a company founded in 1998, has grown from a search engine company to a global technology company used by billions of people (From the garage to the Googleplex, n.d.).  Two products that are in different phases of their lifecycle are the Google Pixel 6 and the Google Home Mini.  The brand-new Google PixelContinue reading “Product Lifecycle: Google Pixel 6 vs. Google Nest Home Mini”

Marketing Mix at Sheetz

            Sheetz, a gas station and convenience store brand in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, has created many fanatics out of their customers.  Like Wawa and Rutter’s, Sheetz has a made-to-order menu that runs all day and night, all year long.  Their over 600 locations extend through Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia,Continue reading “Marketing Mix at Sheetz”