Information Economy and Today’s Organization

                Physical workers create a tangible product, such as a product on a factory line.  Knowledge workers vary from physical production workers in that their work, and the quality of it, is not well-defined, is not possible to see or measure, and creates intangible, cognitive products (Latham, 2021).  Managers in the knowledge economy must manageContinue reading “Information Economy and Today’s Organization”

Amazon’s Strategy and Growth

Amazon’s Evolving Business Strategy:  From Books to Electronic Marketplace and Cloud Services                 Amazon began as an online bookseller in July 1994 (Hartmans, 2021) in Seattle, when founded by Princeton graduate Jeff Bezos.  Bezos sought out e-commerce after seeing that, at the time, the Internet was experiencing a growth rate of 2300% (Sadq et al,Continue reading “Amazon’s Strategy and Growth”

Danone Competitive Advantage

               In my previous post, Danone’s sustainability and competitive advantages were discussed.  Danone is a food and water company, a company with sustainability and regenerative agriculture at its core, and a B Corp and a company committed to human health.  In addition to being a B Corp (Danone North America – Certified B Corporation –Continue reading “Danone Competitive Advantage”

Danone’s Competitive Advantage through Sustainable Goals and B-Corp Culture

Danone’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage                 Danone was an early adopter of environmental and social impact improvements in its business, starting as early as 1972, when then-CEO Antoine Riboud said, “Let us conduct our business with both the heart and the head”, which has led to its consistent sustainable progress (Sustainable to the core: How DanoneContinue reading Danone’s Competitive Advantage through Sustainable Goals and B-Corp Culture

FTC Safeguards and Auto Dealers

FTC Safeguards and the compliance process has become my focus lately. There are a list of controls that are needed (encryption, disaster recovery plan, incident response plan, change management plan, information security program, data lifecycle/retention policy, semi-annual vulnerability scans, continuous monitoring and logging, etc. One of the challenges for dealerships without an IT presence isContinue reading “FTC Safeguards and Auto Dealers”

10 Keys to Reducing Ransomware Attacks

Here’s an article highlighting 10 factors or controls that reduce ransomware risk. The key controls are: multifactor authentication (MFA), endpoint detection and response (EDR), immutable backups, managed detection and response (MDR), patch management, employee awareness and training, privileged access management (PAM), data encryption, email filtering, and attack surface monitoring.

Patching as Resilience

This seems to be a revolutionary idea, as it seems that I am always having to argue this: Patching is an absolute MUST! When I manage IT operations and vulnerability management, I patch continuously. What does that mean? Patch Tuesday comes along? I patch immediately. There’s a new patch for Pulse Secure VPN appliances? IContinue reading “Patching as Resilience”