Service Delivery Via E-Commerce

            There are several things that an e-commerce business can do to sell services using web technology and smart marketing acumen.  Special care should be made to make services feel like products to the customer, to make the service seem tangible.  They can do this through humanizing the service, bundling services, and giving the clientContinue reading “Service Delivery Via E-Commerce”

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

            E-commerce strategists consider what format and features to give their business site designs the volume of visitors that they want.  Certain features are known to be attractors of visitors.  There are several types of business website attractors in use, including the entertainment park, the archive, exclusive sponsorship, the town hall, the club, the giftContinue reading “E-Commerce Marketing Strategies”

Accountability in Information Security

            Business are concerned with information security in their physical as well as electronic presence and systems.  As electronic systems often gather employee and customer data, store financials, store identities and health records, store code and designs, and other protected data, those electronic systems are often a target for hackers and people wanting to possess.Continue reading “Accountability in Information Security”

Nike: Ethics and Globalization

            Nike’s past through the 1980s and 1990s is rife with human rights abuses and sweatshop scandals as their rapid expansion had them moving into less developed countries in Southeast Asia.  Nike, which currently holds around 60% market share of its market, was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, rebranded to Nike, and wentContinue reading “Nike: Ethics and Globalization”

Giving Loans to the Poor: New Heroes

There are a handful of worthy social entrepreneurs that are changing the world, but one that Muhammad Yunus, is making a huge difference in how poverty is viewed and handled.  He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 as well as several other awards recognizing his impact on poverty reduction through his microcredit business modelContinue reading “Giving Loans to the Poor: New Heroes”

Forming the Corporation

            The economies of the United States, India, and China each grow with foreign direct investment (FDI) from foreign investors opening businesses in their countries.  Although there are also people starting companies within each of these countries, this paper will focus on foreign direct investment from the point of view of a foreign investor orContinue reading “Forming the Corporation”

The Acceptability of Discrimination Based on Age in the U.S.

            According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), it is prohibited to discriminate against employees or job applicants that are 40 or over (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.).  This means that it is against the law to treat individuals that are younger than 40 more favorable than those that are 40 andContinue reading “The Acceptability of Discrimination Based on Age in the U.S.”

Patents on Genetically Modified Organisms

            There are countless uses for the manipulation of genes in plants, animals, and humans.  Whether to create a disease-resilient food source, enhance nutrition, create larger meat livestock, shorten growing seasons for crops, or repelling certain types of insects (Purdue University College of Agriculture, n.d.).  People against genetic modification of organisms argue that the effectsContinue reading “Patents on Genetically Modified Organisms”

Suing McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee

            In the case of Liebeck vs. McDonald’s, Stella Liebeck was burned by hot coffee she purchased through the drive thru at McDonald’s and spilled in her lap in the passenger seat, receiving third degree burns which caused her to go into shock and require skin grafts in the hospital (Retro Report, 2015).  Between 1983Continue reading “Suing McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee”