The Acceptability of Discrimination Based on Age in the U.S.

            According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), it is prohibited to discriminate against employees or job applicants that are 40 or over (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.).  This means that it is against the law to treat individuals that are younger than 40 more favorable than those that are 40 andContinue reading “The Acceptability of Discrimination Based on Age in the U.S.”

Patents on Genetically Modified Organisms

            There are countless uses for the manipulation of genes in plants, animals, and humans.  Whether to create a disease-resilient food source, enhance nutrition, create larger meat livestock, shorten growing seasons for crops, or repelling certain types of insects (Purdue University College of Agriculture, n.d.).  People against genetic modification of organisms argue that the effectsContinue reading “Patents on Genetically Modified Organisms”

Suing McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee

            In the case of Liebeck vs. McDonald’s, Stella Liebeck was burned by hot coffee she purchased through the drive thru at McDonald’s and spilled in her lap in the passenger seat, receiving third degree burns which caused her to go into shock and require skin grafts in the hospital (Retro Report, 2015).  Between 1983Continue reading “Suing McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee”

Ways Laws Affect U.S. Businesses

            In the United States, law affects business in several ways. Copyright and intellectual property laws, worker safety laws (like OSHA), labor laws (like FLSA), privacy laws (like HIPAA), consumer protection laws (FTC), environmental protection laws (EPA), securities regulations (the SEC and SOX Act), and other laws guide decisions and regulate how business is done.Continue reading “Ways Laws Affect U.S. Businesses”

Attracting a Diverse Workforce

            As the CEO of a shoe company, it is important to deploy a strategy based on diversity in order to effectively market and sell our product.  Much of that strategy is about growing a diverse team and recruiting based on diversity.  In order to deploy a strategy that is rooted in diversity, the shoeContinue reading “Attracting a Diverse Workforce”

Green Marketing at Unilever

            Companies are integrating green marketing and corporate social responsibility into their corporate image in order to benefit from shoppers’ desire “go green” when they are shopping (Lesonsky, 2012).  One company that has prioritized green marketing is Unilever, who even features sustainability and pictures of gardening on their home page (Unilever: Unilever global company website,Continue reading “Green Marketing at Unilever”

Coca-Cola, Long-Term Wealth Creation, and Corporate Social Responsibility

            Allen White argues in Is It Time to Rewrite the Social Contract, that long-term wealth creation is linked to a company’s sustainability and increased investment in human and social capital, and natural resources (White, 2007, p.16).  Short-term quick-win mindsets of companies as is often demanded by the stock market (White, 2007, p.16) is detrimentalContinue reading Coca-Cola, Long-Term Wealth Creation, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Nike and Corporate Social Responsibility

            Some companies do corporate social responsibility well.  Danone is a food manufacturer and a B Corp that has a reputation for being a positive influence on the environment as well as the community.  Some companies have not done as well.  Nike has a history of behaving a way that is very predatory on itsContinue reading “Nike and Corporate Social Responsibility”

Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures: Communication Media

            People of individualistic cultures and collectivistic cultures communicate differently.  People from collectivistic cultures prefer face-to-face and video communication since so much of their communication is derived from body language and facial expressions.  People of individualistic cultures prefer to write and email or send a text message since they do not rely on seeing theContinue reading “Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures: Communication Media”