ScrumAlliance Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner

                In IT operations as well as incident response, I have found that understanding and implementing Scrum is extremely useful.

                In October 2020, I took the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM®) training through Brett Palmer & Associates ( as an online, 2-day workshop.  Training was very participative and intensive, but by the end of the training, I was able to take the ScrumAlliance Certified ScrumMaster exam and pass it with flying colors.  Brett is such a fun instructor that learning this subject becomes super fun.  He is very supportive and queues you up for the exam at the end of the class.  If you are planning on taking ScrumMaster training, I recommend Brett Palmer.

                In order to get your SEUs (continuing education credits to maintain certifications).  Brett Palmer also leads a Meetup in order to gain SEUs, although there are other opportunities with webinars and such through the ScrumAlliance.

                In March 2021, I took the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®) through Brett Palmer as well, and received my certification from the ScrumAlliance.  That one is definitely a must-have after the CSM® cert.

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